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1. FAQ  
Our recommendation is 12 years for the adventure game and 14 years for the first person shooter (FPS). Please note that young people under the age of 16 may only visit the Fusion Arena if…  
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Either for each game under "Book now" or use the spontaneous booking option if you don't yet know which game you want to play. Where can I see your available dates?  
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We usually receive 2-3 new games per year. It's best to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok or subscribe to our newsletter. This way you will also see special offers. When are new games…  
4. FAQ  
Unlike in a movie theater, we can only sell one slot per "performance". Our terms and conditions are therefore strict in this respect. We will try to find an arrangement with you, but please also…  
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If the game allows the number of players (you can find this in the game overview, number of players min/max), then you simply pay the surcharge on site. What if we are one more person?  
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If your glasses are not huge, they will fit under the VR glasses without any problems. However, you'll have the best experience with contact lenses.Do I have to wear contact lines? Can I wear my…  
7. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  
Frequently Asked Questions  
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Nein, die Spiele entwickelt unsere Schweizer Partnerfirma TrueVRSystems in Dietlikon, sowie Somniacs für den Birdly Flugsimulator in Zürich. Mehr Informationen findest du hier: Fusion Arena…  
9. FAQ  
Yes, the experience is wireless on 100 - 200 square meters depending on the game. Can I move freely in the game?  
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Most games require teamwork. In PvP (Person vs Person) shooters, you can split up into 2 teams and play against each other. Do we play against each other?  
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