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Adventure, Coop and PvP Shooter Games 


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Immerse yourself in another world

Discover - Explore - Experience

No superhero carries out a mission dressed in everyday clothes. Therefore we equip every player with a special VR suit. Right afterwards a journey into the unknown begins, which will merge, thanks to integrated 4D effects,  seamlessly with reality. 


How do I book a virtual adventure?

To dive into virtual reality in the Fusion Arena, you need to book a date online. You pay 199.- CHF up to five players, otherwise 399.- CHF up to 10 players per round played. It doesn't matter whether you come to us with two, three or four players. A game round is private, we do not add other customers to your group.

What should I play?

If you're new here, you're spoiled for choice! We've put together a list for you: Game List


Pure Adventure!

Experience the fusion of reality and virtual reality. Choose the adventure that suits you:


Adventure Co-op Shooter PvP Shooter Birdly 4D Simulator 

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