Plan your Team Event in the Fusion Arena

Fusion Arena

You are planning a team event, a bachelor party, a birthday party, the next club event or a special family reunion? Our private rent offers enough space for large group events and we allow individual timing and try to make any wish possible. 

Costs for the rent and maximum number of players (if you are less people, some can play 2x)

  • 1 Game, max 10 participants, CHF 599.-- (A game with 10 people, with free booking outside opening hours. During opening hours, use the respective games under "Offers").
  • 1.5 hours, max 15 participants, CHF 975.--
  • 1.5 hours, max 20 participants, CHF 1349.--
  • 2 hours, max 25 participants, CHF 1625.--
  • 2 hours, max 30 participants, CHF 1899.--
  • for more than 30 people please send us an enquiry, we will advise you individually!


Request a quote and non-binding reservation

We are happy to advise you individually for events with more than 30 people, please fill out the form below or contact us via email or phone. Depending on the design of a larger event, we range in price from 50 to 100 CHF.

Event Configurator

VR Lounge

In addition to the large play area, we have a cosy lounge with gaming stations. In our Bern and Zurich locations, we have a modern Birdly flight simulator, as well as alternately up to two gaming consoles or VR glasses. All stations are equipped with a TV so that you can follow the individual games live. Whether you're leisurely diving through the Great Barrier Reef, throwing yourself into an intense FIFA duel or flying down the Alps at high speed in a wingsuit, there's an experience for everyone in the VR Lounge.

Our comfortable seating ensures that you can linger in comfort. Standing tables and bar stools are also available for enjoying drinks or catering. The VR Lounge is included in the venue rental.



Full-Body Virtual Reality involves a lot of movement, fun and adrenaline, which tends to make people hungry.  Our catering offering is referenced below, should you not find what you're looking for we'll try to make it happen. 

Catering Offering PDF

Meeting Room

Are you planning a business event, do you need another room and more space or do you want to hold a conference with your team before the event? We can gladly organise an additional meeting room on request. 

  • 199.- half a day
  • 399.- whole day

Event Location