Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the Corona Virus

The health and safety concept of the Fusion Arena can be found here for BernKreuzlingen and Zürich.

Further information can be found in our blog in Bern, Kreuzlingen und Zürich.

When should we be there? Arrival

We recommend that you arrive on time or 5-10 minutes before your appointment.

In the menu "Contact" you can find the directions to the Fusion Arena..

Can you also guide us through the game in English?

Sure, that's no problem. Our employees speak German and English fluently. The game itself contains no written or spoken language.


How long does a game last?

The playing time varies between 20 and 30 minutes. More information can be found in the product description of the choosen game.


What if we don't get ahead?

Then you'll receive further instructions via the headset.


What if I get sick during the game?

The experience after two years of operation of the Fusion Arena clearly shows that less than 0.025 % of the visitors had to abandon their experience due to nausea or discomfort. If you feel uncomfortable, you can take off your VR glasses at any time. All experiences are always accompanied by a VR operator who supports you.


Why is it not allowed to drink alcohol?

Because your perception will change and the sense of balance decrease. The danger of nausea increases.


Why is it not allowed to experience VR as an epileptic?

Due to the danger of an epileptic seizure.


Do we play against each other?

Most games require teamwork.In the game Showdown you can split into 2 teams and play against each other.


Do I see and hear the other players?

Yes, you see all the players and you can also recognize them by their height and body language. Each player can communicate with his or her teammates via microphone and headphone.


Can I move freely in the game?

Yes, the experience is wireless, no strings attached!


I wear glasses, is that a problem?

As long as you do not have huge glasses, it is not a problem. Your experience in virtual reality will not be changed by this. Short-sighted participants need their glasses, far-sighted participants can even play without the glasses. Progressive vision glasses are also not a problem.


Do you develop the games by yourself? Are you an American franchise?

No, the games are developed by our Swiss partner company. Our creative team contributes the ideas for the Fusion Gate missions, all other games are pure TrueVR developments. You can find more information here: Fusion Arena Games.​​​​​​​


At what age is it allowed to play?

The age rating is 12 years for the adventure game and 16 years for the First Person Shooter (FPS) Games. Please note that teenagers under the age of 16 can only enter the Fusion Arena when they are accompanied by an adult.