Re-Opening with BIG NEWS! 😲

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This is an old blog article. You can find current information about the Corona situation in the health & safety concept for Bern, Kreuzlingen and Zürich.


Update 6.6.2020: Since June 6th 2020 the maximum group sizes have been lifted, you can visit us again as usual.


1. The Single Ticket is no more….

Many of you had expressed the wish to play alone in your group (without strangers). With the 10-player-games, like Tikal and the water of eternal life, this was only possible to a limited extent until now. Either one accepted to have to play with strangers, or one had paid a corresponding surcharge for a 10-player-group booking. With acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic we put the debates to an end. From now on there is only the possibility to book game rounds 3-5 player, or 6-10 players. 


2. We Make a Price Reduction

The prices for one round are calculated for 4 or 8 persons. This means: groups of 5 or 10 persons, save 20%. If you want to play a big 10-player game with just three or four people, this is now possible at a normal price, no matter in which game.
Single rounds up to 5 persons now cost CHF 199.60
Single rounds up to 10 persons now cost CHF 399.20


3. Wednesday is the new Fusion Family Fun Day at a special price

A completely new ticket category are the family tickets on Wednesday: a single round up to 5 persons costs CHF 124.90, a round up to 10 persons 249.80.
The family tickets are for children and young people up to 16 years of age accompanied by their parents, guardians or godparents.

The Lost City - New Action Shooter from TrueVR


4. Now available immediately without the planned launch event: The Lost City

The latest action shooter from True VR is also a classic, because it is one of the first games they programmed 4 years ago, completely rebuilt from scratch: After the outbreak of the zombie pandemic, mankind lost all big cities and had to retreat to rural areas. For months the military planned the recapture of the city to build a new base. Hundreds of soldiers are supported by vehicles and helicopters, but the mission ended in a disaster. Your team is one of the last survivors and must fight its way through the hordes of the undead. Are you ready to save your team? Watch the trailer here, and book your ticket here for Bern or Zurich.


5. How does a visit during COVID-19 times work with us?

The hygiene measures, which I described in detail in the last blog article you can find here. All equipment that comes into contact with customers is thoroughly disinfected. We have also implemented the following additional measures as of the communication of April 29th 2020:
1) On request every guest receives a protective mask and nitrile gloves. Both are included in the ticket price. Employees wear masks.
2) The waiting group is separated from the playing group in the lounge. This means that a maximum of 12 people are spread over 500 square metres (Fusion Arena Bern and Zurich).
3) Each player is identified by name, telephone number and e-mail at check-in to ensure traceability with the Federal Council & FOPH.

We can't wait to send you on exciting missions again! Hope to see you soon! :)


All the best

Ronny & the crazy Fusion Team